Eric Windmill. Front-end & UI Developer


Hi! I’m Eric Windmill. I’m a front-end developer, UI designer, and writer working to make the web a better place. I help companies create killer user-centered experiences on web (and now, mobile!) and I implement the code it needs to work. You can hire me to work with your team with deign or development. I'm currently available for small projects.


Web Development Tutorials

Nuggets is a collection of easy, bite-sized tutorials and developer tools in the web development world. They're designed to help newer developers learn new technologies. Ideally you could get value out of these in just a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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AppTree Software - Portland, OR

I'm currently working for Enterprise SaaS company AppTree. I work on both the web client and the mobile app. This job is a blast because we're working in Dart with Flutter and Polymer, so it's all new to me. I'm the first employee hired solely for the Flutter team, where we're porting the app from native iOS and Android. I spend most of my time implementing the front-end and UI.

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