About Me

Hi! I’m Eric Windmill.

I’m a front-end developer, writer, UI designer and Sommelier. I currently live in dreamy Portland, Oregon, USA. I help clients and comapnies design killer user-centered experiences on mobile and web and implement the code it needs to work. I also write about development and design and my opinions here, at Huffington Post, and CSS Tricks.

A little more... I like to consider exactly how people will interact with products. UI Development is my first love in dev world. I believe that thinking about UI and development in tech has changed the way I see the world. Learning design or development will teach you how to think, and be creative. Building websites and apps has been one of the great joys of my life thus far.

I'm also fortunate enough to get to engineer products as well. Most of my energy goes into front-end work with JS and CSS. I have serious shiny-object-syndrome and waste too much time diving into the latest and greatest soon-to-be-dead front-end technologies. At my current full-time gig, I get to develop in Dart, Flutter, and other Google technologies.

Otherwise, I'm a Sommelier. Wine has changed the way I live possibly as much development. Some humans and animals that I call friends and family are really important to me. I like to read philosophy books, and for as long as I can remember I've devoured music.

Currently Listening:

John Moreland - Big Bad Luv

John Moreland album cover

Currently Reading:

Yavul Harari - Sapiens

Sapiens book cover