My Library

We need books... because we are all, in the private kingdom of our hearts, desperate for the company of a wise, true friend.

- Steve Almond, Tiny Beautiful Things forward

Books to Live Your Life By

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius is not only the pinnacle stoic, but also was literally the most powerful man on earth while he was alive. He could’ve lived life as a god (at his command), but he did something else entirely. He reminded himself constantly how to be a good man.

Meditations is a collection of his own instructions to himself on self-discipline, duty, ethics, and having a philosophy of life. This is the guide on how to live.

Tiny Beautiful Things - Cheryl Strayed

If Meditations the perfect book for your mind, then Tiny Beautiful Things is the perfect book for your heart. If Meditations teaches you how to conduct yourself on a daily basis, TBT teaches how to do so with empathy and compassion.

Cheryl and those who write into her become a whole bundle of friends that will tell you, when you need it most, “you aren’t alone.” I can’t say it as well as Steve Almond does in the book’s forward: “We need books, and Cheryl’s books in particular,because we are all, in the private kingdom of our hearts, desperate for the company of a wise, true friend. Someone who isn’t embarrassed by our emotions, or her own, who recognizes that life is short and that all we have to offer, in the end, is love.”

Setting the Table - Danny Meyer

The lessons learned in this book expand far beyond the restaurant industry. This book is the guide on how one should and can treat people.

If that isn’t enough, the lessons in this book are wrapped up in the true story of how one man changed the restaurant industry through the power of simply following the golden rule. I can’t recommend this book enough for anyone that has to interact with a human at work. (So, everyone.)

The Rest of the Bunch

On Living:

  • Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy – William B. Irvine
  • Letters From a Stoic – Seneca
  • When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Mans Search For Meaning – Viktor Frankl
  • The Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday
  • The River of Doubt – Candice Millard
  • Stumbling On Happiness – Daniel Gilbert
  • Wild – Cheryl Strayed
  • In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
  • The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath

On Development, Design, Writing and Work:

  • Bird by Bird - Ann Lemont
  • The Elements of Graphic Design - Alex White
  • Learn to Program - Chris Pine
  • The Cathedral and the Baazar - Eric Raymond
  • The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday
  • Effective JavaScript - David Herman
  • The Gary Halbert Letters - Gary Halbert
  • The Best Interface is No Interface - Golden Krishna