I've been deisgning and building web applications for 3 years, focused primarily on building beautiful web experiences in JavaScript world, but now I have an infatuation with Dart. I also like to write about development, and sometimes I contribute to CSS Tricks.

I currently work at enterprise PaaS company AppTree in Portland, OR. I help design and build web and mobile clients written in Dart, AngularDart and Flutter.


On my own time, I like to help new engineers who're switching careers. I mostly work on that through my site Nuggets. I also mentor in the Portland tech community at various meetups, most notably for my friend's organization Ask-a-dev.

Projects and Open Source

It's a great joy of the software world to contribute back to the communities that lift me up. I'm lucky enough to work at a company that open sources many of our internal plugins. These are some of the tools I've been able to contibure to:

Et Cetera

In my younger years, I got my Sommelier certification. I've also spent time working in Bourbon distilleries in my hometown of Lousiville, KY. I spend a lot of energy learning about booze -- its the most interesting food around.

I like to read and write a lot. I'm a big fan of stand-up. Ever since I can remember, I've devoured music.