Hi There.

I'm Eric Windmill, a Software Engineer in Portland, OR.


I've been designing and building web and mobile applications for 3 years. These days, I'm a Dart 🎯 developer at AppTree, a PaaS company in Portland, Oregon. I'm writing Flutter in Action for Manning Publishing. I also write articles on the site your on right now and sometimes on CSS Tricks.

Finally, I write and maintain a helpful sites about my favorite programming technologies, notably Flutter By Example. See the rest on my portfolio page.

Extra Curricular

On my own time, I mentor for Ask-a-dev and contribute to open-source projects like GatsbyJS, Flutter map_view plugin, and the flutter_calendar plugin.

Et Cetera

In the past, I got my Sommelier certification. I've also spent time working in Bourbon distilleries in my hometown of Lousiville, KY. I spend a lot of energy learning about booze -- its the most interesting food around.

I like to read and write. I'm a big fan of stand-up. Ever since I can remember, I've devoured music.

Recently, I've been sucked into the horrifying world of Twitter. Follow me if you like to see lots of Muppets based retweets.