Eric Windmill

Resume: 2015 - Present

Software Engineering, UI Design, Writing

  • Green Bits

    Software Engineer - present

    At Green Bits, the retail team works with Flutter, Dart, JavaScript, and Rubyto build a Point of Sale system for the rapidly-growing marijuana industry.

  • AppTree Software

    Software Engineer - 2017 to 2019

    Fell in love with Dart, Go, Flutter, Kubernetes, and even enjoyed wrangling some C#. The team worked on several projects, including a platform-as-a-service-WYSIWYG-app-builder and internal developer tools. All of which make Enterprise Software easier to write, maintain and scale.

  • Flutter In Action - Published Book

    Author - 2018 to 2019

    I love writing and teaching, and I love Flutter. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to write a book about Flutter, to spread the good work. The book is published by Manning.

  • Misc. Web Development


    Full-stack Developer - 2015 to present

    I've worked on various websites and web applications, mostly using DartJavaScript, Angular, and React. Including,  Workflow Step Library,  and Lassie: A (top secret!) two-way emergency communication app.

  • Misc Mobile Development


    Mobile Developer - 2017 to present

    Thanks to Flutter, I've been able to work on mobile apps as well. Most recently, I built an RFID scanning app for MSU students. I've also used Objective-C and Javato write plugins for Flutter.

  • Documentation


    Contributor - 2018 to present

    Good user-experience includes writing good documentation if you're building developer tools. I wrote much of the documentation for AppTree's Workflow Engine.

  • Open Sourced Contributions


    Contributor - 2017 to present

    OSS is valuable for the entire community. It's one of the joys of my career to give back to ecosystems that I rely so heavily on. I've contributed to the Flutter and Dart community with several packages, as well as some JavaScript wrangling to GatsbyJS.

    Some others include Flutter Map, Flutter Calendar, and Dart Date Utils. See it all on myGithub

  • In Public


    Mentor, Author, Speaker - 2017 to present

    I don't have a CS degree. It was a long slog to go from zero to employed. Now, I love helping others in that boat via mentoring at Ask a Dev, writing helpful articles for CSS-tricks, and speaking.

  • The Past


    Wine, Whiskey, and hospitality

    Working in food and beverage has nothing to do with software. And, I'm proud of that. For 10 years, from my mid-teens through college, I worked in bars, managed some of the worlds best restaurants, and became a certified Sommelier.

    All that said, I came up spending every day working directly with and communicating with guests, clients and teammates alike. I'm convinced that these years gave me a crash course in communicating with human beings and working with everyone to reach common goals. We're all on the same team when we work together.

  • Skills










    NoSQL data design

    Micro-service architecture

    Docker and Kubernetes

    Firestore and GCP

    Client-side architecture




    Affinity Designer


    Soft, etc



    Managing humans

    Conversational spanish


  • (Programming) Hills I'll die on

    • Dart is the superior web language.
    • IDE's are great.
    • Typed languages are better than dynamic.
    • Object Oriented Programming is good.
    • I have no strong opinions about whether CSS should be in JS or not.
    • React hooks are just mixins.
    • Please see Twitter for more hot takes, thank you.