• AppTree Software

    On the web team, I help design and build the web and mobile clients for a platform that empowers enterprise companies to build cross-platform (web and mobile) apps fast. Our clients team uses Dart, Flutter, AngularDart and PolymerDart.

    I'm also on a team that's building a new Emergency Notification App for large companies like University campuses and municipalities. I've built the web-application MVP in Dart and AngularDart, as well as writing Dart wrappers for popular JavaScript libraries like Leaflet and FreeDraw.

    I also built the company website using GatsbyJS and React.

  • DACA Time

    DACA Time is a service that simplifies the process of applying for DACA status. It's a Django/React web app, in which I helped on the React front-end. Unfortunately because of the current political climate, this company doesn't exist.

Published Book

  • Flutter In Action

    Flutter In Action is a book coming soon from Manning Publishing. Flutter is a new cross-platform technology from Google, written in Dart. In this book, I explore when Flutter is the right tool, and walk through building multiple applications.

Published Articles


  • Flutter By Example

    Flutter is an SDK for building cross-platform mobile apps from Google. It's written in Dart. Flutter By Example is a complete tutorial for building an application with Flutter, inspired by Elixir School.

  • CSS Layout By Example

    This is how you build beautiful layouts in 2018, including CSS Grid and Flexbox. Too many front-end developers are 'good-enough' at CSS. Layout is an important part of build apps for the web. Set yourself apart from the CSS-lazy of the world.

  • Dart For JavaScript Developers

    Dart is a language built at Google used to create apps with Flutter (mobile) and AngularDart(web). Dart is currently used by massively important teams at Google such as AdWords. Dart team's goal is making 'the best client side language in the world' or in other words: a JavaScript competitor. With the impending release of Flutter beta, you can still get in before it becomes super in demand.

  • On the Grid

    CSS grid is everywhere. And truthfully, if you know grid you can throw away flex-box, floats, and tables. (*ducks*) This is the future of Layout. The API is pretty big, and this sandbox will give you some practice.

  • JavaScript By Example

    A simple introduction to the JavaScript programming language syntax. Focuses on language features, rather than how to use it.

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